In this post, I decided I would like to talk about bathing.

The way most people wash their bodies in the developed world is quite water-intensive, using easily half of the water supply. Maybe we could look for some alternatives.

Sponge baths are perhaps the least water-intensive form of bathing there is. I tried looking for videos on YouTube, but almost the only ones I found has titles like "How to give a baby a sponge bath" and others are medical-related videos.

Here's some videos I managed to find that better represents what I was looking for, but 2 out of 3 are low quality videos, and the ones involving males might make viewers slightly... uncomfortable.

These other videos showing showering using a minimal amount of water, during camping and stuff.

Speaking of showering with a minimal amount of water, a man by the name of Jonas Gorgen created a modern mist shower to save a lot of water, all while being just as invigorating as a regular shower. More information here:

There's navy showers as well, though when you turn the warm water off, you may find the air feels cold. Navy showers start with 30 seconds of getting wet, turning off the water for an amount of time to use soap and shampoo, and then turning it back on to quickly rinse off. Here's my suggestion. First, light an Egloo to warm up the room to require less hot water. (Here's the link so you know what that is. Take a navy shower using mist sprays, while using 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair when the shower is off.

By the way. the term "Hollywood shower" means a shower where you basically take your time as much as possible in the shower.