Interesting Trivia Facts

Dangerous Behaviour In Film Ratings:

Along with the usual topics such as violence, sex and profanity, the British Board of Film Classification, the United Kingdom's rating system, also pays attention to depictions of dangerous actions or stunts that may harm oneself or others, especially when the dangers are not clearly explained. Examples include but are not limited to playing with fireworks, hiding in a refrigerator (which may cause suffocation,) making flamethrowers out of spray cans and lighters, and self-harm or suicide techniques. Most rating systems pay comparatively little attention to the depiction of dangerous stunts. As an example, the 2000 movie Willow And Wind was given a PG rating because the plot involves a character who has to carry a sheet of glass over a long distance without breaking it. Willow And Wind

Heat Tolerance Of A Red Panda

Red Pandas are very heat sensitive. Red Pandas prefer temperatures of 17 to 25 degrees celsius, and they struggle in temperatures above 25 degrees. This is because their thick fur is designed to trap heat.

Funny Accent In Old Movies:

In the 30s and 40s, actors in old American movies often spoke in what is known as a Mid-Atlantic or Transatlantic accent, which is a conciously acquired accent blending together the standard American and British accents. The accent was spoken by the social elite in the early 1900's, and became popular in theatre and other high culture in North America. Edith Skinner is often credited with popularizing the accent in movies, when she taught the accent to actors.

Why People Love Spicy Food:

When people eat spicy food, it forces the body to release endorphins to block the pain. This is why so many people enjoy spicy food. On a semi-related note, sufficiently spicy food may also cause hallucinations.

Programming In Roller Coaster Tycoon:

In the 1990s, most video games were made in high-level programming languages such as C, which are more human readable and relatively simpler to program in. However, the 1999 game Roller Coaster Tycoon was programmed almost entirely in x86 assembly code. An assembly language is a low-level programming language in which there is usually a one-to-one correspondance between the language and the architecture's machine code instructions. It allows for a much higher level of optimization, and he considered it the only way to get decent performance on the limited hardware of computers at that time.

Prison Problem In The Netherlands:

Many countries are experiencing problems with its prisons, such as overcrowding and violence. The Netherlands is also experiencing prison problems. However, it is the inverse problem that is happening. The Netherlands has become so low in crime that its prisons are underpopulated, and many prisons have closed. To counter this, the Netherlands rented prison space to countries like Belgium and Norway, and turned other prisons into centers for asylum seekers.

A Safe Chocolate For Pets:

Chocolate is known to be toxic to various animals, such as cats, dogs, and horses. This is because they contain caffiene and theobromine, which is toxic to these animals. However, carob is a similar tasting alternative that does not contain caffiene or theobromine, therefore making it safe for pets to eat. Carob can often be found in health food stores.

Cat's Sense Of Taste:

Cats are unable to taste sweetness, because they lack a sweet taste receptor. However, they are able to taste ATP, something humans cannot taste. ATP is found in many natural foods.

Cataracts Lead To Super Vision:

The lens in the human eye normally block out UV light. However, when the lens is removed, people often report they see things they have never seen before.

Late in his life, painter Claude Monet got the lens in his left eye completely removed due to cataracts. He saw colors that he was able to see before, and colors that he never saw before. The world had a more bluish tint. His late paintings reflected this.

The Only Offical Semitic Language In Europe:

While "anti-semitism" narrowly refers to discrimination against Jewish people, the term "Semitic people" referred to a wide variety of people originating from the Middle East who speak or spoke the Semitic languages, such as Arabic, Amharic and Hebrew.

Maltese is considered a Semitic language, and spoken in Malta. It is the only Semitic language that is an offical language of the European Union. One-third of the vocabulary derives from Siculo-Arabic, formerly spoken in Sicily, but the rest consists of loan words from languages such as Italian, Sicilan and English.