Simple Recipes

This is a collection of non-alcoholic mixed drink recipes I came up with. I refer to a "non-alcoholic malt beverage," the one I used is sweetened and carbonated. "Monster" also refers to the famous energy drink.

I should have more recipes in the future, for now, here are my recipes. (EDIT:This website has moved to I'm not sure whether I'll maintain the Neocities site or not.)

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Orange Chocolate Milk: Some orange juice, some milk, and a few scoops of chocolate milk mix. Very good. Tastes just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Malt Orange Juice: When you mix orange juice and a non-alcoholic malt beverage, they combine together to give a nice, citrusy sting to it.

Monster and Orange Juice: This is also good, it doesn't "sting" quite as much as Malt Orange Juice, but it still has a strong citrusy flavor.

Monster and Apple Juice: It's hard to describe the taste, other than combining apple juice with Monster seems to make it somewhat more "appley."

Monster and Malt: When you mix Monster and a little bit non-alcoholic malt beverage, the addition of malt gives it a dark, bold flavor.

Root Beer and Soy Milk: Not too bad. The soy milk kind of complements it.

Root Beer and Almond Milk: This is good. The nutty taste of the almond milk goes well with the creamy taste of the root beer.

Root Beer, Almond Milk and Chocolate Milk Mix: This is delightful. The chocolately taste of the chocolate, the nutty taste of the almond milk, and the creamy taste of the root beer goes together into one sweet package.

Malt, Almond Milk and Chocolate Milk Mix: The addition of a non-alcoholic malt beverage gives it a sting. Not bad, though not the most usual taste.

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